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Indigenous Science & Technology is a platform to provide latest & on going information/project related web development, web apps & software, automation & industries, robotics,drone, missile technology and Yoga Therapies to the new comers in the field of engineering and science.

Note:1) This website is not doing any kind of business. It's just for testing purpose of our skills and technique of social media marketing and SEO/Google ranking. Whatever we do experiment during the development of various kind of websites/web-apps project, we guys use this website just to test our assignment on live server in real time.Currently, we are not intended to make any kind of money and profit with

Note:2)If you see any kind of ads over pages then that is nothing but just a way to arrange financial support to maintain the budget of the website.

We are investing and running this website for educational purposes only.If anyone want to get involve in business with us, let me know about your plan and business type," how can we help you?".

We are self motivated young group of engineers, doctors & management people , equiped with state of art and technology.Our aim is to provide wonderful life to everyone with the help of latest technology, medical equipments, medicine, Yoga therapies/exercises etc.We work on ground to high level of engineering and medical industries.We willing to take any kind of risk in our work of engineering and medical fields which is always in favour of human kind/humanities. As an employee, freelance developer and service provider whatever we earn, some part of that we invest in our projects.We are not looking for any kind of invester from any part of the world.We are neither arrogant nor ego ful people, the only thing is that we show our completed work and demo to our client and get involve in their business, which turns the source of our income.That's the reason we never regret on our failure of project because we are not bounded to pay others if we fail, that saves us from helling and disappointment.

Currently we are catering our services in two main fields of engineering and sciences.

1)Web Development, Web Apps & SEO:

These all are active platform where we are currently working on. We have done lot of project in fields of website development, maintenance and marketing but as a team member & employee of other companies.We have done also a projects on real time user interaction based web apps project. We are currently working on methods and technique to minimize the web downloading time on various media devices, social media marketing, google ranking etc.We are not looking for project as we have already lot of project to be done but we are looking of new web enthusiast, content writer, journlist and photographer who can donate their work to us as we are not well established to pay them for time being. By donating your work we will try to give you a unique identity in form of fame and best creater in your interested fields. But in case of future, if we will be able to make revenue from our this small start up, hopefully definitely we will get in touch with you to rewards your work in from of money and value.We are not doing any promise but just demonstrating hope, desire,faith and our expression to all our supporters.

To know the realm of website and development please visit: What is the guideline for web developer ?

To know how to minimize downloading time of website, please visit:what-is-page-speed-performance-testing ?

Most of the very important business oriented and value added features are free of cost here such as information all about doctors and patient realationsheep on line, job search and job posting, placement of your any kind of business oriented digital advertise etc.

Good news for doctors: Now All the doctors are able to register and provide their consulting/practicing/education information to their patient & client for free of cost such as, educational details, consulting fee, consuting place, consulting timing, contact number and lot of extra activities. Doctors don't have to pay anything to anyone for registering here. Whatever you will provide data about yourself that will be visible to everyone visiting on this website. You have to just visit on tab [ Docs-infosystem ].

To bring free jobs and free advertise place portal, we are working hard.Hopefully, we will allow you guys very soon.

PlaceAdsFree tab is for all business oriented people from zero level to high level of turn over revenue. In simple way any budy can post their advertise for free of cost.They don't have to pay anything to represent your business here.We are working hard to allow you guys to be here very soon.

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2)Robotics, Automation, Drone & Electronics:

All these fields are our core fields of engineering. These fields are not on full fledge working platform and still we are setting -up our own lab. Hopefully very soon we will start doing project related to all these fields in near future.

  • Drone Corner
  • Electronics Hub
  • Robotics
  • Automation & Industries
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Wearable Devices
  • Yoga Corner & Physical Science
  • Rocket Science
  • Missile Technology
  • Enginnering Research & Development
  • Medical Devices
  • Movies Corner & Technology
  • Image Corner & Technology
  • Android Apps & Games
  • CancerCure