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Our services what we are catering in various fields of engineering, sciences, IT & Technology.

1)Web Development, Web Apps & SEO:

2)Robotics, Automation, Drone & Electronics:

1)Web Development, Web Apps & SEO:

These all are active platform where we are currently working on. We have done lot of project in fields of website development, maintenance and marketing but as a team member & employee of other companies.We have done also a projects on real time user interaction based web apps project. We are currently working on methods and technique to minimize the web downloading time on various media devices, social media marketing, google ranking etc.


2)Robotics, Automation, Drone & Electronics:

All these fields are our core fields of engineering. These fields are not on full fledge working platform and still we are setting -up our own lab. Hopefully very soon we will start doing project related to all these fields in near future.

Drone Corner

In field of drone, our services is concentrated on designing / developing electronics circuits, operational logics & embedded system on highly precise working process of drone.

Drone Corner...

Electronics Hub

In the department of Electronics Hub, we arrange , manage and test of various components of electronics and use accordingly in our projects.

Electronics Hub...


We are growing in field of robotics to provide best computational and multi steps working logics of robotics. We are working continuousely on hardware as well as software part of interest.Our other member concentating on mechanical infrastructure of robotics body.

Robotics...

Automation & Industries

We are set to design much better hardware to run automatic machines effectively. We are working on to come up with low cost high valued PLC and controller mother board for automation industries runing on out dated hardware models.

Automation & Industries...

Artificial Intelligence

AI is very new for us but we are discussing how to embed, interface and link up artificial brain with our natural brain. How our designed machine can think, behave and act like us.

Artificial Intelligence...

Internet of Things

We are trying our best to link all devices with together which can be monitored and operated from remote places easily.Mainly in Health Care sector, it can be very useful to doctors and patient who can understand the real time situation of treatment , health conditions and another option as well as time gap of treatments.It will save lot of time of doctors.

Internet of Things...

Wearable Devices

We are in discussion with Health Care Medical Devices providers that how we can help of them to reduce the cost of very costly health check up monitoring system by bi-secting it's component in individual portable parts.

Wearable Electronics Devices...

Yoga Corner & Physical Science

Yoga is very important and essential natural activities to keep our body healthy, active, disease-free and strong.Our Co-founder and highly educated person beleive and teach Yoga steps to everyone everyday.He used to ask for 30 minutes every member to give him and learn yoga to keep yourself safe from many life threating diseases. We are designing and planing to develop/manufacture electronics based wearable devices which can be used by all people during yoga exercises and body activity to track their health records.

Yoga Corner & Physical Science...

Engineering Research & Development

Each and every day our team members breaks, modify and throw used, un-used systems to dustbins or used to place on their working tables. We don't mind whatever we do. Doesn't matter about cost of the sytems if he/she willing to break, as they are free. We never bound or use rules of working, innovations, guidelines etc. We believe and think about our challenges and result. We try to make it exist in our life any how.

Engineering & Development...

Medical Devices

As medical devices is very important part of medical sciences & patient monitoring systems. It's having big demand in the health market. We are working and trying to reducing the cost of devices which can be affordable to everyone even after post hospitality.Our aim is to make," every home a mini hospital" and "every person , a clone of doctor". So that basic part of health monitoring can be done by our self only.

Medical Devices...

Defence & Survelliance

As defence devices is very important and consurned part of nation, home, industry, humanities and self. It's having big demand in the such a market. We are working and trying to reducing the cost of devices which can be affordable to everyone. Our aim is to make," every home and industry self defence system with the help of survelliance cameras,sensors, anti-theft system & drone" and "every home, industry & person under defence infrastructure of virtual/remote survelliance". So that basic part of self defence monitoring can be done by our self only.

Defence & Survelliance...