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Indigenous Science & Technology is a platform to provide our latest & on going information/project related to web development, web apps & software, automation & industries, robotics,drone and Yoga Therapies to the everyone in the field of engineering and sciences.

This website is dedicated for testing purpose of our skills and technique in all fields of engineering mentioned above as well as social media marketing and SEO/Google ranking. Whatever we do experiment during the development of various kind of websites/web-apps project, we guys use this website just to test our assignment on live server in real time.

We are investing and running this website for educational purposes only.If anyone want to get involve in business with us, let me know about your plan and business type," how can we help you?".Get in touch with us +91-9765280961, Contact person: Raj Kumar.

We are self motivated young group of engineers equiped with state of art and technology.Our aim is to provide wonderful life to everyone with the help of latest technology, medical equipments, medicine, Yoga therapies/exercises etc.We work on ground to high level of engineering and medical industries.We willing to take any kind of risk in our work of engineering and medical fields which shoud be always in favour of human kind/humanities. As an employee, freelance developer and service provider whatever we earn, some part of that we invest in our projects.We are not looking for any kind of invester from any part of the world.We are neither arrogant nor ego ful people, the only thing is that we show our completed work and demo to our client and get involve in their business, which turns the source of our income.That's the reason we never regret on our failure of project because we are not bounded to pay others if we fail, that saves us from helling and disappointment.

Currently we are catering our services in two main fields of engineering and sciences.

1)Web Development, Web Apps & SEO:

These all are active platform where we are currently working on. We have done lot of project in fields of website development, maintenance and marketing but as a team member & employee of other companies.We have done also a projects on real time user interaction based web apps project. We are currently working on methods and technique to minimize the web downloading time on various media devices, social media marketing, google ranking etc.We are not looking for project as we have already lot of project to be done but we are looking of new web enthusiast, content writer, journlist and photographer who can donate their work to us as we are not well established to pay them for time being. By donating your work we will try to give you a unique identity in form of fame and best creater in your interested fields. But in case of future, if we will be able to make revenue from our this small start up, hopefully definitely we will get in touch with you to rewards your work in from of money and value.We are not doing any promise but just demonstrating hope, desire,faith and our expression to all our supporters.

To know the realm of website and development please visit: What is the guideline for web developer ?

To know how to minimize downloading time of website, please visit:what-is-page-speed-performance-testing ?

Most of the very important business oriented and value added features are free of cost here such as information all about doctors and patient realationsheep on line, job search and job posting, placement of your any kind of business oriented digital advertise etc.

Good news for doctors: Now All the doctors are able to register and provide their consulting/practicing/education information to their patient & client for free of cost such as, educational details, consulting fee, consuting place, consulting timing, contact number and lot of extra activities. Doctors don't have to pay anything to anyone for registering here. Whatever you will provide data about yourself that will be visible to everyone visiting on this website. You have to just visit on tab [ Docs-infosystem ].

To bring free jobs and free advertise place portal, we are working hard.Hopefully, we will allow you guys very soon.

PlaceAdsFree tab is for all business oriented people from zero level to high level of turn over revenue. In simple way any budy can post their advertise for free of cost.They don't have to pay anything to represent your business here.We are working hard to allow you guys to be here very soon.

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The summit med-tech-2017 was realy very nice and well organized. Lot of things was well known to us. I appreciate all representative who has been doing the good things for all of us in field of medical sciences and devices. Whereas some of things was very strange for us like side effect of medical devices,side effect of lattest technology but over all was good if certain training and gudeline can be given by manufacturer to medical staff while assembling different devices to accomplish one single role of patient's monitoring and treatment case.I am going to feature all the things in little bit more details like compact ventilator, overall patient monitoring from remote places,storage of patient physical information on cloud based system so that doctor and patient can interact to each other any time by using their smart phones and apps, 5th generation software etc., very soon.

Guideline for Our Web's Client:

It looks something awkward but I have to write down some guidelenes to our Web's client who are going to commit with us for their business portfolio/online shop.

We provide technical solutions, designing & development of websites. So please, do never depends on us fully for your contents(Text/Images/Videos/Animations) of website(websites).

Providing of perfect & genuine text content about your business is your sole responsibility only.

Providing of real images/logo for your website is your responsibility.

We do on page SEO(Search Engine Optimizations) but not bear to take guarantee to bring your web on within top 10 places of first page of "Google search index page" based on our commitment of SEO's time duration during the agreement. As it is not in our hand fully, Google only having full control over SEO, they used to change their algorithm frequently.Hence ranking of the website changes accordingly and other factors associated with it.

You must prepare skeleton of each and every pages of your website before approaching to us which can save lot of time to deploy the website and minimize the time duration of SEO.

You are allowed to modify your skelton only three times for first 10 pages.After that it will be chargeable according to the strength length of website or 5% of total charge of website per page each time.

If you don't have enough time to do all these things yourself then we can provide you but it will be extra chargeable apart from our website developing/designing/technical charge.

Be ready to sign up business agreement with us.

Hosting charges and "Domain Name Registration" charges will be excluded from our developing/designing & technical charges.

Our Charges

For "Informative" based website:

INR 5000.00/-Only for 1-10 pages with content length 1-50,000 characters of each page excluding SEO charges.You can provide images how much is suitable to your business and availability of your hosting web space but linking characters will be countable in our primary defined characters length.

For "User Interaction/Portal" based website:

INR 20,000.00/- only, rest depends on database workload and backend management, chargeable monthly.Page length rule will be according to our [ For "Informative" based website ].

For "eCommerce" based website

INR 50,000.00/- only, rest depends on database workload and backend management with optional features according to your wish.Chargeable monthly.Page length rule will be according to our [ For "Informative" based website ].

For "SEO"

Onwords INR 10,000.00/- only per month, for 1-10 keywords of your each website.

2)Robotics, Automation, Drone & Electronics:

All these fields are our core fields of engineering. These fields are not on full fledge working platform and still we are setting -up our own lab. Hopefully very soon we will start doing project related to all these fields in near future.

Drone Corner

In field of drone, our services is concentrated on designing / developing electronics circuits, operational logics & embedded system on highly precise working process of drone.

Drone Corner...

Electronics Hub

In the department of Electronics Hub, we arrange , manage and test of various components of electronics and use accordingly in our projects.

Electronics Hub...


We are growing in field of robotics to provide best computational and multi steps working logics of robotics. We are working continuousely on hardware as well as software part of interest.Our other member concentating on mechanical infrastructure of robotics body.

Robotics...

Automation & Industries

We are set to design much better hardware to run automatic machines effectively. We are working on to come up with low cost high valued PLC and controller mother board for automation industries runing on out dated hardware models.

Automation & Industries...

Artificial Intelligence

AI is very new for us but we are discussing how to embed, interface and link up artificial brain with our natural brain. How our designed machine can think, behave and act like us.

Artificial Intelligence...

Internet of Things

We are trying our best to link all devices with together which can be monitored and operated from remote places easily.Mainly in Health Care sector, it can be very useful to doctors and patient who can understand the real time situation of treatment , health conditions and another option as well as time gap of treatments.It will save lot of time of doctors.

Internet of Things...

Wearable Devices

We are in discussion with Health Care Medical Devices providers that how we can help of them to reduce the cost of very costly health check up monitoring system by bi-secting it's component in individual portable parts.

Wearable Devices...

Yoga Corner & Physical Science

Yoga is very important and essential natural activities to keep our body healthy, active, disease-free and strong.Our Co-founder and highly educated person beleive and teach Yoga steps to everyone everyday.He used to ask for 30 minutes every member to give him and learn yoga to keep yourself safe from many life threating diseases. We are designing and planing to develop/manufacture electronics based wearable devices which can be used by all people during yoga exercises and body activity to track their health records.

Yoga Corner & Physical Science...

Engineering Research & Development

Each and every day our team members breaks, modify and throw used, un-used systems to dustbins or used to place on their working tables. We don't mind whatever we do. Doesn't matter about cost of the sytems if he/she willing to break, as they are free. We never bound or use rules of working, innovations, guidelines etc. We believe and think about our challenges and result. We try to make it exist in our life any how.

Engineering & Development...

Medical Devices

As medical devices is very important part of medical sciences & patient monitoring systems. It's having big demand in the health market. We are working and trying to reducing the cost of devices which can be affordable to everyone even after post hospitality.Our aim is to make," every home a mini hospital" and "every person , a clone of doctor". So that basic part of health monitoring can be done by our self only.

Medical Devices...


Ayur Cancer Cure is a abbreviation of the clinic [Ayur Cure] situated in Goregaon, Mumbai, India. Which provides best treatment of all types of cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, brain cancer, heart cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, etc with the help of pure ayurvedic therapy and medicines.

AyurCancerCure...


As of my experience designing and developing a website is not so tough now a days but maintaining the website on top 10 places of google search index page is quite tough.Earlier we were not considering about google ranking and search indexing but now it's very important and mandatory part for us according to our clients demand on time.

For last 3-4 months we(The team of Indigenous Science & Technology ) are concentrating on, " on page SEO" of keralaayurvedashram.com and ayurcancercure.com , result is in our favour. Out of 900+ keywords, 60% keywords are bringing sites on top 10 pages of google search result pages. Our target is to bring on all keywords on top. We are just doing on page SEO for time being and social activities later on.