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Web Design and Development : Webneed | Indoscie Infotech is leading Web Design and Development, SEO, PPC, Local Listing, Adwords, E-mail Marketing, Digital Marketing service providers online at a very affordable price. Our most of the work is dedicated to Robotics Center Development in India, Charity & Donations.Our Special Attention Here to --> Donate to save the life of peoples [ Fund Raiser non-profitable organization | Ketto Org ]. & Milaap [ Crowd Funding Platform ]

Business Consulting

Business Consulting is one of our core services, our consultants are based in Mumbai and Varanasi with collective experience of over 10 years in designing and building systems.

Web Application

We are a full service web application development company focused on building world class web 2.1 solutions using the best technology in industries.

Phone Apps Development

A simple mobile phone can become a very powerful tools for accessing , manipulating and consuming information.Smart phones can go way beyond their traditional role.

Website Design

First of all we need to know what is website and why do we need of website? If we know what is website and what are the uses of website then it's good no need to dig in to further, just get in touch with us to design a lucarative, eye stunning website for you if don't have on already. If you have website already and even struggling for business its' mean that your website is not designed in such a way which can drive traffic to you website and fetch out the enquiry call to you for your businesses and serviceses what you provide to the public to solve out their issues and earn good money. So, what you have to do in second case i.e. you have have website but failed to bring business, in this case we can help you to do Search Engine Optimization of your website and we framed website in such a way which can bring business as well as money to you.

Now, let's to know what is website and how does it work?
Website is nothing but your offline shop on internet that is "Shops on ONLINE". Yes, When you represent everythings available in your shops or services in your hand on INTERNET in visual formof textual contents, Image , Videso etc. Then it's called online shop nothing but website.

In another words, WEBSITE is defined as, "A set of related web pages located under a single domain name".It's mean that description and information of everythings of your shop in form of textual pages, images or videos (also Audio) format.

If we talk about designing of website then it's very cool stuff and complex too. Website designing is a process from virtual thinking ( imagination) to wire framming and then coding to web pages online. If we say in formal way then it's kind programming(web) coding stuff by the coding guys having knowledge and experience in website designing education cources and technology. The guy who is having Diploma/B.Sc/BCA/B.E./B.Tech in Information and Technology/Computer Science Engineering/Electronics etc., can do coding of web pages in many of web technologies launguages such as HTML/XML/DHTML/JavaScript/PHP/C#/JAVA/C++ etc., and more. COder also required to be familar with Styling Launguage such as CSS3 etc.

Website designing work is very sophisticated and enjoyable work.There are many types of websites available such as Static Website, Responsive Website, Dynamic Website, eCommerce Website, Blog , Portal etc.

Now a days two types of website are more famaous and familiar , first one is Static with Responsiveness, and second one is eCommerce. eCommerce website is more famous for online shoping with payment gateway integration system and user intimation of thier product sell/order history.

All the website is required Search Engine Optimization now days what we called "SEO". SEO is a technique to optimize the website according to the target audience of you cliet's product, demand and services. Indoscie Infotech is one of the leading & pioneer website designing and development company , we design structure of the website and url's according to the search engine friendly , what we called ON PAGE SEO .After completing the task of on page seo we go for OFF PAGE SEO too, which is nothing but extra working in another way to make all major search engines aware about our designed website through social media marketing, guest posting, back link building etc.

Both type of seo helps search engines to fetch out your web pages on first show page of earch engines hence help to drive traffic to your website. By this way when people searches for selected keywords, your web pages appears on search engines and people visits that pages to get services or business.

And this is the only fact when people/visitors visits your web pages then there is a 90 % chance to give you a business described on your website accordingly.And this is only reason why we need website and what is the use of website. Simple, Get Website->Get Business->Earn Money/Fame and all.

Website Development

Website development is nothing but second part of website designing. That is, web development is phase of coding by web developers/coders in which they utilize thier intelligency and brain work to fetch out exact imagination of clients in visual format based on web site/blue print designed in formof wire framing/PSD or imagination. Web development is a process to code and test each and every components of the website such as press button functionality, page redirection, enquiry form creation, navigation tools, flash banner, animation and all. Web Developers are the heart website designing and development company and borther of website designer. In another formal way we can say web designing is work of front end designer and web development is work of back end developer. In some cases people refer full stack developer who who handle everythings of website later refer as a project engineer.

Website Maintenance

Another part of website designing and development company is website maintenance. Yes, clients required to maintain their website in form of upcomming events, updation security issues, offers etc.IndoScie Infotech also provide website maintenance work for our valued and dedicated customers for free of cost and minimal charges anually for new customers.

Web Hosting Management

Website hosting management is process to host your all designed pages of website on hosting servers.Hosting servers is nothing but website/apps hosting providers or we can say massive collection of systems, storage devices(Hard Disc) identified by ICCNA to store our website pages and make it online accessible to visitors via internet using thier personal cellphones, computer, iPad, Laptops etc.

Blog Developmenent

Blog development is form of website designing and developing in which people or visitors can discuss about current issues, news or games etc with thousands of people online in real time by commenting, like, share , video conferencing etc.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a process to provide you visitors,business leads, enquiry, traffic to your website in short period of time. For this purpose Google charge us a desired about based on our budget.After that Google allows us to create Ads according to our needs and other controls.When we designed the Ads, compaing according to our needs then we need to submit to Google to circulate that particular Ads, Compaign in our desired area or target audience of our services.Google run that Ads or compaign until the balance is there what we paid to Google. Our Paid amount cut by Googles as per valued of competetive keywords, set maixum bid amount by us. Google don't give you 100% guarantee that business/traffic will come as it's totally depends on visitors wish. But Google give you full authority and control panel to track you target audiuence who visited at what time and from where?.

But we forgot to talk about how doies it works? Simple, its work based on keywords searches by visitors on google search engines. When the keywords match with set keyords by you in your Ads, compaign then google fetch that result first and show on very top of search page in form of Ads. This is the way, how does Google AdWords work?

Facebook Adwords

Facebook AdWords also work as Google AdWords work only difference is that Facebook display your Ads, compaign to that people(Facebook Users) who are not in your friend list but belong to your target audience based on location you set to show your Ads, compaign.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but optimization of web pages as we explained erlier on the same page. I hope you gone through that already if not please have a look on that again or move with me ahead...

There is many types of SEO known such as White Hat SEo, Gray Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO etc. Let's to know all types of SEO one by one.

White Hat SEO: WHite hat seo is nothing but optimization of web page with organic keywords and pure contents with images, videos etc. optional. Indoscie Infotech prefer to do ON PAGE SEO on organic keywords with original contents written in meaningful manner for target audience. COmparing to Black Hat SEO , White Hat SEO takes little bit more time to appear in major search engines depends on technical expertise of webmaster, search engine submission, page optimization whith 0% errors, target audience, locations, competition of keywords and services describev on web pages, attractiveness, sizes of images used, page size, page speed loading time and all.Benefits of organic (White Page SEO) is that its take lot of time to disappear fromsearch engines. And when it comes on top just we need to maintain the pages to keep on top forever.There is no fear of domain blacklisting and penalty by Googles or other search engines.

Gray Hat SEO : Gray Hat SEO is technique to mix both procedures of WHITE HAT SEO and BLACK HAT SEO. That is in formal way we can say that in gray hat seo we make search engine full but partially. We provide some contents original with organic keywords and some information with copy-paste material what we called pliagiarism but in reach amount of textual contetns readable to search engines.We also take much help of paid back linking to our domains, fake guest posting etc.In some other part webmaster used to hide the information to public view and show but readable search engines.Benefits of gray hat seo is that we get result mush faster than white hat seo without any penalty from search engines to black list domains used.

Black Hat SEO : As name indicates that every way what we can utilize to bring our website on top of major search engines based on our selected keywords and targetted audience in very short periods of time. Webmaster do every efort what he can do such as totally hiding useles contents topublic view but showing to search engines. Full with copy paste, paid back link building on Hight Domain Authoruties websites, false guest posting, false enquiry form submission, injecting domain urls to others valued websites etc. Benefits of black hat seo is that we got result in very short periods of time what we expect fromwebmaster. But there is 100% chance to get your domain black listed forever from major search engines and other penalties. Once the domain is penalised it's tough to do WHITE HAT SEO again on the same domain until transfr of domainfrom one owner to another owner(not confirmed 100%).But true fact is that if you need to drive traffic for you businees in quick time you must opt for this option inspite of domain care.

Responsive Web Design

Our web design experts deliver business ready responsive sites. We have won awards for retail websites, corporate sites, SAAS apps and service oriented sites.


Selling online is the next logical step for all businesses.We specialize in building innovative ecommerce systems to sell products, subscriptions and services online.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing uses the Internet to reach potential users of products and services, Indoscie SEO engineers deliver exceptional results for many industries and audience types.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing now a days is super source of lead generation and drive traffic to your website or portal. That's the reason everyone talk about social media and social media marketing. Without social media button on website , it's don't complete the sense of SEO and good website with capability to drive traffic. Now a days approx 3 billions people are active on social media marketing every days from al age group from 13-24, 24 - 35, 35 - 55, 55 - end of life.Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are the most of known social media platform to advertise your products and website, services etc. Indoscie Infotech provide end to end solutions of social media marketing from creating attractive useful Ads, Compaign to circulating in desired geographic location and target audiance.Our prices vary from post to post and number of post every month to be circulated on major social media's hub.For pricing please visit to our Pricing tab.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a trick to advertise of you services and product to drive traffic and business or leads in paid format. There are many major search engine and social media platform or market place which provide advertising of your services product to people and visitors on their platform such as Google, Facebook, Themforest, Max Bounty, other CPA marketerers etc.In pay per click clients need to pay money and Advertising get circulate to certain time limit and geographical location and to the target audience based on the budget of clients. Advertising get stop automatically when alloteed budget get finished. Then after it's depends on client's wish whether he/she want to continue with paid advertising or not based on market response to him/her. Indoscie Infotech certainpercentage of total allotted budget for advertising in form of management services of Ads across multiple social media platform or other CPA platform.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is the service in which we convey your message, brand value to the potential clients across the world. We collects the list of emails from various sources such as news letter subscriber, business enquiry etc., then we design and develop theme/banner for your advertising and send mails to all listed clients.By this way if any person show interest in your business and needs then they may get in touch with you directly.

Digital Marketing

Now a days digital marketing is strong marketing platform in one go on our finger tip. On this fast growing advertising platform we make a compaign, template, themes, banner, animation etc., and circulates to social media platform on fixed frequency of time. If it attracts needy people then they may get appointments and fixed meeting with you for business purpose or anythings else whatever your business compaign is for.

Website Support

Designing and developing website/apps is very interesting, creative and imagine things. It requires lot of R & D and creativity. For all hese activity we required upadation, modification of web pages time to time according to the market demands. So, we are dedicated and fully commited to provide value added website and management support 24 X 7 tiredlessly.

Web Domain Registration Services

We having strong connection and amalgmation with 3rd party domain name registration provider. Our client can register domain by theirself if not then we welcome and suggest them to purchase best and p[erfect matching domains with business needs.

Web Hosting Services

We having tie-up with many hosting service providers accross the world who may provide hosting services at very affordable cost. We strongly suggest our client please ask us before to purchase hosting services. We guide based on your business needs and requirement which may result to save lot of unusual wastage of money.

Local Listing & Google Maps

We having tie-up with many hosting service providers accross the world who may provide hosting services at very affordable cost. We strongly suggest our client please ask us before to purchase hosting services. We guide based on your business needs and requirement which may result to save lot of unusual wastage of money.